Platon Phone (Softphone)

PLATON® is announcing our self-developed soft-phone - Platon Phone, the mobile app that offers a simple user interface for smooth voice/video over Internet connection.


Secured Connection

Built-in VPN client and automatically connects upon startup, provide secure and stable connection

Easy Configuration

Automatically setup all parameters by QR Code scanning or pasting an URL

Video Conferencing

Supports point-to-point video conferencing with supported IP Phones


Easy-to-use Feature

Make call just like your smartphone native dialer, but with better features such as call transfer and video calls!

Call Transfer and Call Hold

Multi-party Conference Call

Video Calls





Automatic Configuration

Simply do a QR Code scanning or paste the configuration URL, the app will be automatically configured!

Automatic configuration by QR Code scanning

Automatic configuration by pasting an URL


Secured Connections

Secured connection Internet softphone, excellent audio and video quality

Call Transfer and Call Hold

Built-in VPN Client

Automatic establish VPN connection



Download now: