Customer Service Center / Inbound Call Center

PLATON® includes everything you need for customer service center. From IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), you can manage your customer service center (inbound call center) easily with PLATON® solution.

Features for Customer Service Center

Basic Features


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution feature allow calls to be routed with several strategies, including Ring All, Round-robin, Least Recent, Fewest Call and Random. Calls can be more efficiently distributed to available agents to maintain a better service level on hotlines.

Multiple Queues on each Agent

Each agent can be assigned to multiple queues with different priorities in each queue

Call Monitoring / Coaching

With Call Monitoring feature, supervisor can listen to the conversation between agent and client, it can be done in real time without the agent's knowledge.

With Call Coaching feature, supervisor can perform two-way communication with the Agent while agent is serving the client over the phone, without client's knowledge. This feature is useful on helping an agent to exceed his professional weakness, or teaching new tools and solutions.

Call Recording

Call Recording can be enabled on different queues, call information such as call date/time, caller-id number and agent's ID will also be saved and retrievable through an user-friendly web-based management interface.

Queue and Agent Statistics

Call Queues statistics such as Total Number of Distributed Calls, Answered Calls, Abandoned Calls, Timeout Calls...etc. can be easily retrieved and exported.

Agent Statistics shows agent's performance within specific date range, a comparison report between each agents is also available through the system.


Advanced Features


CRM integration

PLATON® supports popular CRM system on the market. Including Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Dynamics CRM), SugarCRM, SalesForce and vTigerCRM. Features such as click-to-dial and screen popping with clients’ information, ensures that agents performance along with inbound, outbound and call time efficiency is maximized. Details for CRM Integration solution.

Caller's Information Pop-up

Caller's profile such as caller's description, call history and opened cases will be shown in a Call Pop-up upon call answered, agents can easily follow-up caller's inquiries by checking the details through the pop-up with simple steps.

Advanced Voicemail Management

With enhacned voicemail management interface, system will log the "read time" and allow agents to put remarks to each voice message, the system will also automatically calculate the time taken before comment submission.

Customized Call Report

To suit different call center requirements, customized reports can be tailor-made.


Work Flow of Inbound Call Center


  1. Call pickup automatically by IP PBX Interactive Voice Responses System (IVRs).
  2. Request caller to select languages and services.
  3. Request caller to enter Membership number or VIP number (Optional)
  4. Caller wait at call queue (e.g. queue of customer service).
  5. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system will distribute the call to the most suitable (skill set ,e.g. language or technical knowledge) agent available .
  6. Agent desk phone ring and display (or pop-up on computer screen) caller’s information e.g. Selected language, service type, service history or previous inquiry etc.
  7. Agent speaks to caller, input new inquiry and answer caller’s question.
  8. Agent transfer the caller to next level e.g. technical support engineer if required.
  9. This call log and inquiry will be stored in database e.g. CRM system

Automatic Call Distribution

Round Robin Mode

Fewest Calls Mode

Automatic Call Distribution Features Screenshots

ACD WallBoard
ACD WallBoard List
Agent Status Panel
Queue Statistics
Agent Statistics
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ACD WallBoard
ACD WallBoard List
Agent Status Panel
Queue Statistics
Agent Statistics
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Ordering Information

Supported PBX Models

Platon CS-4200 V2

Platon Server Edition 

*Please contact our consultants for support of this features on end-of-sale PBX models.